Drowsy Boy

The source photograph for this completed work was made nearly eight years ago with my first DSLR a Canon 10D. Many of the photographs shot with that 6MP camera still print well up to 16×20 inches. You have to work a little to get good output in color but black and white output does not require much extra work to get acceptable prints.

This is another of my augmented images. It is composited with several textures in the background and blended into the image of the subject. One of the interesting things I’ve discovered while experimenting with compositing is that a small amount of texture often enhances a sense of depth in portraits. Perhaps the noise introduced by overlaying texture at low opacity somehow makes the human face look more natural. Not sure but it seems to work for me.

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Phototrice Calendar No. 15 – International

Finding A Project

Abandoned Ranch House
Abandoned Ranch House
I’m interested in photographing in rural Texas and the southwest region of the US. This area has a colorful past that is disappearing very quickly. My goal is to save a few fragments as images supplemented with some written words. It is an entirely selfish pursuit given the fact that I have no credentials as a historian.

Non-professional photographers have many motivations for picking up a camera to make pictures. Reasons run from a fascination with technology to creative expression or even visual note taking. There are as many reasons to make photographs as there are people. The trick is to find what motivates you as an individual.

Personally I find it difficult to just drive or walk around looking for something to shoot. Having a project gives me context to help identify subjects that tell a story. I generally have several projects underway and switch between them to keep myself motivated. It is a strategy that is perfect for me.

It is important for me to shoot in places I know rather than going off to exotic locations to find images. I’m sure many people are completely bored by familiar surroundings. So shoot what interests you whatever that may be. Non-professional photographers have to be self motivated because there is no art director to guide your work.

I believe it is important to show your finished work rather than keeping it hidden from the world. Everyone has unique vision so share your images. Make prints or publish a book or create an online gallery. At the moment my work is mostly displayed online in web galleries and blog posts. My goal is to someday be able to sell a few prints but for now my audience is on the internet. There is an audience for just about any type of photography so find your audience.

Abandoned Ranch House B&W
Abandoned Ranch House B&W