Fujifilm GFX 50S

I admit to being a fan of the FujiFilm X series cameras. The X-E1 and X-T1 were my go to gear for more than two years. During that time both worked flawlessly capturing everything from stage performance to desert landscapes. With that in mind I expect the new GFX series to be top-of-the-line in every respect.

Size Matters

Looking at pictures of the Fujifilm GFX 50S gives me the sense of a purposeful tool. A piece of gear designed for day to day use without fuss. It is made from modern industrial materials not carved from a solid block metal using exotic manufacturing techniques. That says something about how the maker expects the tool to be used.

The overall design of the camera represents a fundamental change in attitude about what is required to support professionals in the field. It is not a reflex camera. It is significant in the professional market for that reason alone. With the body being roughly the size of a Nikon D810, probably about the same weight and far less complex internally. It is easy to argue that it will be more reliable in the field and easier to maintain than an equivalent DSLR. The GFX series represents an important new direction.

Impact on the Pro Market

The big Fuji calls into question the strategy of major camera makers who have chosen not to produce truly capable mirrorless cameras. So far the most important camera manufacturers in the world, Canon and Nikon, have decided not to participate or maybe not to innovate. These two brands control the professional DSLR market. It is possible they have large R&D efforts working behind the scenes. I hope they do.

As a Non-Professional

Medium format digital cameras have interested me since the semi-affordable Pentax 645D became available. As a non-professional photographer buying and supporting a medium format system is an extravagance. I don’t have a daily need for such a camera. That makes owning one more about ego than capability. Still I could make good use of a large sensor camera on my adventures in Big Bend National Park. I can never capture enough detail in images of the place.

It is possible to appreciate a camera as an object that combines form and function. Many people become obsessed with cameras rather than photography because they are beautiful things. That is a common pastime for non-professional photographers everywhere. I imagine most professional photographers are most concerned with how the camera handles and captures images but no doubt aesthetics play a role even for them.

Autumn Leaves

It doesn’t feel much like autumn here in South Central Texas. At least compared to places in the US above the Mason-Dixon line. A few minutes ago it was ninety-five degrees in my back yard. Well as they say it is Texas weather. Summers are hot and either dry or humid depending where you are in the state but the rest of the year makes up for that. In September the edge comes off summer temperatures and weather slowly cools until late November when daytime temps reach the mid to upper sixties. That is sweater weather in these parts. Northerners scoff at our thin skins but we just smile. If the weather is good we can take a day trip down to the beach in South Padre on the weekend. We like beach balls more than snowballs.

Friday Photo Calendars for 2017

To introduce our weekly Friday Photo calendars for 2017, we are making two calendars available immediately as free downloads. Normally each Friday Photo post is accompanied by a free calendar featuring the image for that week. Each calendar can be downloaded for one week until replaced by the next weeks post. Sort of a limited edition available for one week only. This a small way of saying thanks for visiting the blog.

The two calendars are available in either North American date format with the first day of the week of Sunday or world date format with the week starting on Monday. All the calendars are 8 1/2 x 11 inches PDF file format. This allows them to be displayed or printed in full resolution. Future downloads will be offered in ANSI Letter and ISO A4 paper size.

Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive – North America
Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive – World

Hill Country – North America
Hill Country – World

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