Blessing of the Court - San Fernando Cathedral
Blessing of the Court – San Fernando Cathedral
San Antonio is celebrating fiesta this week. It is a ten day gala held every spring to commemorate the Battles of San Jacinto and the Alamo. Both were Pivotal events in the birth of Texas as a sovereign nation. Both are serious points of pride for many Texans.

One of the highlights of fiesta is the Battle of Flowers parade which takes place this afternoon. It is a huge community party. School children get a day off from studies and many businesses close half the day to allow everyone to join in the fun.

Festivities are capped off each year with the Fiesta Flambeau night parade which is billed as ‘Americas Largest Illuminated Night Parade’. It draws a few hundred thousand spectators downtown each year. Afterwards many thousands will join in more adult activities on the River Walk. It is not unusual to see revelers making their way home in the Sunday morning light.

Viva Fiesta!

Flowers at the Alamo
Flowers at the Alamo

At The Alamo

The photographs here are of participants in a reenactment called the Fall Of The Alamo performed in 2015. It is staged every year to commemorate events which occurred in 1836 leading to Texas Independence. Texans are proud of the sacrifices made at the Alamo and other battles in the struggle for independence from Mexico. The events draw large crowds to the Alamo every year. This year the programs will be on March 5 all day with a dawn wreath laying ceremony on the 6th.