Rust Hardware No 3
Rust Hardware No 3
These days most of us live in urban areas with access to every possible consumer product. Even if we live outside the city, internet retailers are there 24/7 to meet every need. Most of us in the developed world have the expectation of living a comfortable life.

In the days BD (before digital) expectations of having a comfortable life were similar to today but the scale of consumer choice was somewhat different. For the most part we made do with goods that were available locally. Our choices were fewer in number but more than adequate. So we thought.

Today there is a simultaneous explosion of access and goods that drives us as consumers. Every possible need is met with multiple choices. Novelty drives our shopping experiences as much as need. In some ways we have too many choices available which makes selecting the best goods nearly impossible. Compared with earlier times I’m not sure whether we are actually better off or not. Regardless I’m happy living in a connected world of endless possibilities.


Author: Ken

Avid photographer and old guy technologist.