Guadalupe in Flood
Guadalupe in Flood – Zuiko 28mm 3.5 @ f8.0
The experts say it is weather not climate change. The extreme year to year changes are just normal fluctuation. When a butterfly flaps its wings in China the wind blows in Texas. Maybe so but lately people have been swimming for their lives on one part of the globe and desperate for moisture in other places. Where I live the average temperature is up, up and away. A scary trend if it is one.

Just last year one reservoir in the Hill Country was seventy feet below normal water level. Last week it was full and overflowing. It’s just the weather not climate change. I’m not sure where all those Pacific islanders are going to live a few years. Closer to home I’m not sure where people in Miami and New Orleans will live either. Get ready to meet your new neighbors. They may be a little damp or perhaps very thirsty.

Medina in Drought
Medina in Drought


Author: Ken

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