Rough Adobe, Terlingua  TX
Rough Adobe, Terlingua TX
The patterns of everyday life have changed utterly in the last few years for those of us in the so-called developed world. We are managed now. Inconveniences are removed to smooth out rough dangerous potential in our lives. Our world is a safe clean bright colorful place. Information is available at our whim any time anywhere. Youth knowledge and power are transformed into wonderful technologies. We are so lucky.

A mid twentieth century person will have memories of a different world altogether. A browner place with more textures, filled with rusty tools passed through many hands. Substance and weight measured the worth of a thing then. You could rely on advice of older wiser people to guide your way of living. They passed skills to young hands with a certainty of past generations.

We should appreciate our new world.


Author: Ken

Avid photographer and old guy technologist.