Realizing A Dream

Photography projects that require money are difficult to get off the ground unless you can do self funding. For that reason many projects that could potentially find an audience never see the light of day. I’m speaking primarily of photography and video but that also holds for other products as well. Books and films that are ambitious usually require backing in order to achieve success. Finding backers is always difficult.

There are ways to minimize overhead such as working on projects as time and money allow. Unfortunately life obligations frequently make finishing things difficult. Still photographers accomplish excellent work in spite of the odds. There are many examples of people traveling the world on a shoestring to realize a vision. They provide great inspiration for those of us with ideas but no money.

Crowd funding may provide a means to sponsor small to medium sized photo ventures. It is easy to find dozens of photography projects on crowd funding websites. Some of are doing well raising money and some not. With the minimum requirements of a worthy idea and plan, a funding proposal can be floated on these sites. It is a possible solution to help realize a dream.

Crowd funding has helped many great ideas become commercial products. It has also helped promote a few scams. There is a reason why professional capitalists are careful with money when it comes to ideas. That said, crowd funding is becoming better organized by the day. It may be worth considering for an ambitious photography project.


Author: Ken

Avid photographer and old guy technologist.