Texas Pastimes

Fixin to Smoke - Floore Country Store
Fixin to Smoke – Floore Country Store
There are a few things in Texas where bragging rights are important. One of those is football, all the way from high school to the pros. Another is Texas barbecue.

Almost all the old barbecue establishments in Texas actually started out as meat markets. They had a steady clientele for fresh meats and prepared smoked meats as a sideline. That changed as local butchers gave way to supermarkets. Now most places only sell smoked meats. In this part of the country, barbecue is usually smoked beef or sausage. Some places will also have pork, turkey or chicken but beef is king here.

While the quality of barbecue across the state is universally excellent, styles differ regionally. A lot depends on the woods available for smoking. Different woods have a profound effect on the final quality of smoked meats. Not just any wood will do. Many smokers source their wood from specific geographical locations and suppliers.

In the end it is the skill and knowledge of the pit master that determines the quality of the barbecue. To a casual observer it may seem that you can learn to smoke meats in an afternoon. Not so. Pit masters generally learn their art through an informal apprenticeship that can last years. The skills of the master are passed on with serious dedication and understanding that it is best not to tinker with the product.

Make mine moist brisket with some burnt ends and a couple of links. It is always best served market style on butcher paper with a slice or two of white bread, onions and pickles.

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