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A Good Day for the Republic
A Good Day for the Republic
A few years ago I managed to get press credentials to cover the tax day Tea Party rally at the Alamo in San Antonio. It turned out to be the largest Tea Party demonstration ever held in Texas and one of the largest anywhere in the country. It was quite a scene with tens of thousands of people on the streets, live national television broadcasting and headliners such as Glenn Beck taking the stage.

To be honest until that moment I had no idea of the cultural and economic disconnect developing across America. While walking and photographing the crowd it became clear to me change was coming that would shake the country. We had crossed a threshold, political momentum had shifted and there was no turning back. I was part of something similar once a long time ago. To be honest I think the political shift we see today started in 1968. What goes around comes around.

Tomorrow with the inauguration of a new president the country officially changes direction. It is a hard thing to change and I am proud that we, as a country, have held true to our democratic principles. As much as we complain and yell at one another about politics the fact remains we will have an orderly transition of political power tomorrow. In many ways we are facing the most revolutionary change of government in nearly fifty years. Best of all we did it with ballots and not bullets. It is a good day for the republic.

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