Silent Texian
Silent Texian
The anniversary of the siege and fall of the Alamo is a couple of months away. There are several presentations in Alamo Plaza each year to commemorate the events which contributed to Texas independence. For many years colorful and noisy reenactments of the events were staged on the plaza, often with a hundred or more participants. They are probably now a thing of the past.

The State of Texas and City of San Antonio are working together to restore the historical integrity of Alamo plaza and surrounding streets. The Alamo and the other original missions in San Antonio have been designated as UNESCO world heritage sites which must be preserved. Good thing really, the garish entertainment surrounding the plaza resembles a Florida theme park.

The reenactments of the fall of the Alamo always ended with the participants honoring those who gave their lives on both side of the battle. This man is bowing in silent tribute.

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