Bagpipes at the Alamo

Bagpiper at the Alamo
Bagpiper at the Alamo
Solemn and important ceremonies at the Alamo often include a bagpiper to lend an air of dignity to the proceedings. I’m not sure why the sound of a bagpipe has such an effect on people but it certainly the focuses attention of a crowd. This gentleman played at the dawn ceremony a few years ago.

The ceremony takes place before dawn every year marking the battle which wiped out the Alamo garrison. For Texans there could hardly be a more solemn event. On that morning every year flowers are placed in front of the mission and prayers offered in English and Spanish. Direct descendants of those who participated in the battle are honored guests in the wreath laying ceremony.

While San Antonio and Texas sleeps a small group gathers to remember a pivotal event in Texas history.


Author: Ken

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